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‘If each person solves the small problems over which they have control, then the larger problems will disappear’. (Confucius 551-478 BC)

About SMARTnet

SMARTnet is the new and interactive part of Smart Shelter Research. SMARTnet is where experts, reviewers, students and faculties collaborate to research traditional techniques and their seismic behavior, to develop safe and simple building solutions to improve the overall building quality in seismic developing countries. In depth technical research, exchange of knowledge, interaction and validation. Join our research and help millions of people around the world living in poor safety environments!

On the Expert Discussion Forum we discuss urgent topics and research the missing information with students and experts through our research assignments. Experts can guide students and help them to successfully complete their research. Students can seek professionals and fellow students worldwide to help them with their assignments.

With a group of experts, we will further test and validate the new data to supplement the current knowledge and create practical and clear information which is understandable for everybody. Progress, conclusions and end results will be shown per topic on SMARTnet.

Please visit for all the details and conditions, or you can always contact us on or

Experts & Reviewers

We are looking for experts and reviewers who are specialized in non-engineered techniques and low-tech earthquake engineering, as well as for specialists in alternative construction, use of natural materials and reuse of recyclables. For instance to exchange knowledge, give input and share experiences.

Currently we are seeking your professional input and expertise for the following topics:

Seismic Engineering – Rubble Stone Masonry – Material Properties -Seismic Testing- Seismic Modeling.

On SMARTnet you can participate in discussions related to your expertise. We are looking for reviewers and experts who like to give advice, or guide students with their research assignments. For more detailed information and to create an account to join our discussions, please visit

If you have any questions, or you would like to request a topic for research, please contact us on or

Your input is very valuable to us!

Students & Faculties

We believe in collaborations and SMARTnet  will be THE place to work with fellow students around the world, technical experts and Aid Industry professionals. We welcome students from universities and polytechnics with a study in Architecture or Engineering. The research assignments have a duration of at least 6 months, if you only have a timeline of 3-6 months we can discuss if it is feasible, less than 3 months it is not possible to join. All assignments will be conducted at your own university or polytechnic. You can choose to research on your own, or in a group.

Our Research assignments are divided in different categories. Please choose a topic that fits in, or is complementary to your study:

On you can create an account for your research, you can follow discussions, seek for experts and fellow students who can help you to bring your research to a success!

If you have any questions, please contact us on or

Requests: What research do you need?

Are you looking for a specific piece of information in the abundance of books, manuals and documents out there; but you really can’t find it?

Do you question the validity of a certain bit of knowledge that you have read somewhere, and you want to know if it is really correct and true?

Have you found a niche or missing knowledge regarding a certain topic, but you don’t have the time or expertise to figure it all out yourself?

Please let us know what kind of information or knowledge you are looking for, and we may be able to add your request to our research programs. Inquire about the possibilities, or describe your request for further research here.

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