How You Can Help

Smart Shelter Research welcomes your support. This can be in the form of sharing your experience and exchanging your knowledge. And it is of course possible to make a donation to our research projects.

You can make a general donation to support our overall research aims, or if preferred, you can let us know for which specific research topic your donation is meant. If you send us your email ID, we shall keep you informed about the progress of this particular project.

We use our overall account of Smart Shelter Foundation to process all donations. You can wire your donations to our bank account via the details given below. We prefer this option, as in most cases, and especially within Europe, the bank transfer is free of cost.

If you wish to arrange your donation with credit card or online, you can use the free and secure payment method of PayPal. Simply press the button below and fill in the requested information.

Account Name: Smart Shelter Foundation
Account Number:
Bank: ABN AMRO Bank NV
City: Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
IBAN number: NL80 ABNA 0436025469
BIC / Swift code: ABNANL2A
Link to PayPal:

Smart Shelter Research is 100% transparent. We document our projects and expenses extensively and give full disclosure to the public.

Smart Shelter Research would like to express its gratitude to all our donors, sponsors, people, and organizations for their contributions throughout the years!

We want to give an extra big THANK YOU to James Olsen and all the riders from the Torino-Nice Rally, the team of KOMOOT, and the team of DP6 Architectuurstudio, you have been a great support.


Tax Hallmark

All donations to Smart Shelter Research are being processed through the bank account of Smart Shelter Foundation. We do this for a good reason, as Smart Shelter Foundation is a so-called ANBI. This means that SSF has been approved by the Dutch Tax Authorities as being a charitable trust.

This ANBI status has a great advantage for us, because it means we do not have to pay taxes over any donation that we receive, meaning that we can make the most of your contribution. To be eligible for this status, we need to follow certain rules and regulations as dictated by the Dutch tax authorities. Read more information about this status here.